A New Dawn for EAPES Tribe: Uniting for a Groundbreaking Evolution

8 min readOct 3, 2023


Exciting times await us, Tribe! As we seamlessly transition into a new chapter of our collective journey, the vibrant energy and unity shaping our community are undeniable. Each step and milestone achieved is a testament to the positive spirit of our Tribe. This month, that spirit shines brighter than ever, illuminating our path as we reveal significant strides towards a future where dreams and reality intertwine.

1. Community

Cayman Islands

The Tribe has voted ‘YES’ (in favor) of incorporation in the Cayman Islands!

This strategic move signifies the next transformative phase in the evolution of our project, a crucial prerequisite for the anticipated issuance of the EAPES Token during the next months. The creation of our VASP entity is the first step, and then CIMA will need to approve the official release of our token. The EAPES Token holds profound significance not only for our project but also for the entire EAPES Island ecosystem.

We have allocated the funds from the Charity Wallet to proceed with our incorporation in the Cayman Islands. 989.93 of the 1760 EGLD held in the charity wallet has been used to pay the retainer and the remaining funds are held in the Charity wallet, which has been designated for the sole purpose of the incorporation costs. This financial move is not just an operational necessity, but also a cornerstone of the long-term sustainability strategy for our project. After the inaugural launch of the EAPES Token, we will fully replenish the Charity Wallet from Treasury issuances.

Why The Cayman Islands is ideal for EAPES
The Cayman Islands are an ideal jurisdiction for EAPES, offering a mix of financial benefits, regulatory stability through British Common Law, and a vibrant ecosystem that aligns seamlessly with the dynamic crypto sector. With its tax-neutral regime, the Cayman Islands not only cuts operational costs but also boosts appeal to a broad spectrum of investors. This jurisdiction boasts a clear and transparent regulatory framework tailored for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), supervised by the esteemed Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), which instills an additional layer of trust, reliability, and security.

Being home to crypto industry leaders like Algorand, Chainlink, Avalanche, Axies Infinities, Brave Software, and several others, it further strengthens its credibility and opens the door for strategic deployment partnerships. Being situated in a globally recognized financial center, coupled with robust asset protection laws, not only enhances the project’s attractiveness to potential investors but also provides a fortified financial structure.

Read more: https://discord.com/channels/901163627833348156/901966136860614676/1150810862311964702

Banana Brain Benders

It was an initiative that surprised us all. We are very happy with the participation of holders and this increasingly strengthens the bonds of our community! Thank you all!

Riddle 1

The Banana Brain Benders started with a Bang in August with our First Banana Brain Bender Riddle worked out by @DanoElron#4652, which then moved the Tribe onto the Second Banana Brain Bender Riddle.

With no tribe working out the Riddle 2 in the last week of August, we moved onto Week 2 of Riddle 2 on Sunday the 3rd of September with the New Clue: “Te Ao Nui , Te Ao Iti, Ka Toa Katoa”
Again after 48 guesses no Tribe member could still work out Riddle 2.

Riddle 2

We moved onto week 3 of Riddle 2 on Sunday the 10th of September with again an easier clue.
The new Clue was: “he nui te ao, he iti te ao, inahea hea ia i raupatu ai te reira katoa”

Many members worked out the clue was in the ancient language of Te Roa, a language close to @Darksur our Team Members heart, as he lives in New Zealand, and is part Maori.
That clue translated in English to: “The world is big, The world is small, when did he conquer it all”

With this new clue now fully known, and after 27 unsuccessful guesses from the Tribe, @Savage92#3893 guessed the correct date and 4 Digit Code: 1519

Riddle 2 Answer was 1519 and a big congratulations to @Savage92#3893 who won a beautiful Relic with the Banana Power of 3.

Riddle 3

On Sunday, September 17th, we kicked off Week 1 of Riddle 3 for the Banana Brain Benders with a new clue: “Papel Caona Utrum Ron Kaaxtaj Taak’in.” As we venture into the second week, the riddle remains unsolved despite 77 attempts by the Tribe! Riddle 3 offers the grandest prize yet — a relic with a Banana Power of 4. So, Tribe, it’s time to engage those thinking caps and claim this coveted relic!

2. Development Initiatives

Island Relics Staking

Island Relics staking has now gone live on our dApp. Just like with your EAPES, you can stake your Island Relics to earn Bananas. The quantity of Bananas you’ll receive daily is determined by the ‘Banana Power,’ which can range from 1 to 6, not the ‘Ape Power’! Banana Power is one of the 6 traits.

Please visit our dApp: https://app.eapes.com/staking

Special Traits Pool Update

Starting September 19th, EAPES staked in the bi-weekly Special Pools will receive a 2x Banana Multiplier! Yes, you read that correctly. You will get 2x the number of Bananas if your EAPE has the Special Trait and is staked in the Special Pool.

The rewards are as follows:

-Primes staked in the Special Pools will receive 10 Bananas per day.

-Non-Primes staked in the Special Pools will receive 4 Bananas per day.

-They will also continue to receive the extra WEGLD and CYBER rewards.

The Banana Multiplier give you the opportunity to accumulate more Bananas prior to the Token and Banana Points Exchange Program (BPEP) goes live later this year. In addition, with this enhancement, 92 out of 97 total traits (for Special, Hat, Clothes, Mouth, Eyes, Type and Earrings categories) are now eligible for the Special Traits pool compared with <60 in the current setup.

Staking Rewards

Your staked EAPES have been working hard and we have made our bi-weekly distribution to reward them on the 5th and 19th.

The Pro-rated rewards system we implemented on May 17th is rewarding our long-term loyal stakers while at the same time preventing last minute stakers from taking more from the rewards pool by receiving the full WEGLD rewards.

We want to remind our tribe that the longer you stake, the more WEGLD you will receive, in addition to the banana points we all hunt for.

Here’s a breakdown of the system distribution:
• If you stake for the entire duration of the 2 weeks, you will earn 100% of your WEGLD rewards.
• If you stake between 75% — 99% of the 2-week period (min 10.5 consecutive days), you will earn 60% of the WEGLD rewards.
• If you stake between 50% — 74% of the 2-week period (min 7 consecutive days), you will earn 30% of the WEGLD rewards.
• If you stake between 20% — 49% of the 2-week period (min 2.8 consecutive days), you will earn 10% of the WEGLD rewards.

We are still getting the $5000 CYBER tokens based on the ranking pools system, by percentages.

For the last month we had Octopus Tentacle and Cyborg Eye Apes in the special pools, who just got upgraded to double Banana Points from now on!

Make sure you take advantage of these rewards by keeping your apes staked!

EAPES Token — Economics

We’ve released a video outlining key tokenomics principles. With the total supply capped at 12 million EAPES Tokens. Other broad elements related to tokenomics are revealed.

Over the past few weeks, we have been diligently developing a comprehensive plan encompassing various mechanisms and features.

The mechanics, incentives, or platforms currently being studies or developed are as follows:

  1. Lottery Platform: Development and implementation of a platform for conducting lotteries.
  2. BBS & TBS Mechanisms: We are finalizing 2 burning mechanisms. Banana Points Burning System (BBS) and Token Burning System (TBS) that will curb the progressive emissions over the TGEs. The burning mechanisms apply to both the participation in lotteries and to the sale of any asset linked to EAPES Island and beyond. Before the release of the EAPES Token, the BBS will be prioritized. After the launch of the Token, the TBS will be prioritized.
  3. Sale of Properties and Assets of EAPES Island: Facilitating the transaction of virtual properties and assets within our expansive Metaverse.
  4. Booking Platform for 3D EAPES: We are currently exploring the possibility of developing and launching a booking platform for EAPES holders to reserve the associated 3D EAPES. Each holder of an EAPES NFT will be able to obtain their associated 3D version.
  5. Liquidity Pools: Establishment of liquidity pools on various platforms to ensure market stability and increase the liquidity of the EAPES Token.

In addition, we’re meticulously preparing & developing our issuance schedule. Industry experts are also consulted to allow for optimization and preservation of value.

3. Partnerships and Collaborations

Cyberpunk City — 3D EAPES

Our friends at Cyberpunk City made some really cool enhancement to their game : City Revamp, Detail-Oriented World-Building, Weather and Surface Realism to name a few. It’s just great to see our partner’s dedication to building and enhancing the gaming experience even during these market conditions.

In terms of events, they have attended multiple events in the past month : the Istanbul Blockchain Week, Token2049 in Singapore and KBW2023 in Seoul, South Korea. They have also just been announced last week as an xDay Partner where they will be rocking a Gold booth.

In regards to our 3D EAPES models, we’ve been working with their design team to get the most refined and detailed full body 3D model possible and the first results and the 3D rendering look just insane. More details to be revealed later on.

Thank you for stopping by and let’s go bananas!




EAPES is a collection of 10,000 unique Apes on the MultiversX Blockchain. Original mint was Jan 2022. Join us on Discord (discord.gg/eapes-club) #EAPES