April Milestones and Exciting Launches Ahead

10 min readMar 30, 2023

Hi Tribe,

Time flies, and we have already released the 4th edition of our EAPES Update Newsletter. Our team is working hard behind the scenes to bring more value to the entire tribe. April is a significant month for EAPES with multiple milestones and launches scheduled. Below is a summary of the last two weeks, along with some hints. Can you guess them? Enjoy the update

1. Community Initiatives

The Ultimate Whale Collecting Contest

You have 1 day left to buy and/or swap EAPES on secondary marketplaces that will count towards The Ultimate Whale Collecting Contest for March. As a reminder, the winners not only receive special Discord roles for April, but also some exclusive EAPES merch — see hint in the image below.

Which title will you go for?

King Louie — The highest total EGLD spent in 1 month.

Ape Collector — The highest number of EAPES bought.

Big Banana — The monthly ATH single purchase.

Banana Sessions

This past Saturday, we hosted our 1st Banana Sessions music event on Twitch! The EAPES Tribe went bananas to the tunes spun by our very own Tribe member DJ vAPED. vAPED kept the tracks pumping for a full two hours and brought down the house. There was so much energy and the chat was on fire. Watch it again https://www.twitch.tv/djvaped

Big shoutout to @DJ vAPED for helping us make this event happen. It was truly epic! Give him a shout on twitter : https://twitter.com/mrvapory

Because this first session was so big, we’ve decided to make Banana Sessions a legendary tradition for our EAPES family. We can already close our eyes and imagine what the party will look like on the sandy shores of EAPES Islands, where we can soak up the sun, sip on banana colladas and dance the night away together.

We will announce spinning the wheel and determining the prize winners on March 31st.

Deafness Protectors — Twitter Spaces

EAPES, along with several other MultiversX NFT projects including Aquaverse and Mafia, have decided to support a project called Deafness Protectors. This is a community support project aimed at helping those that suffer from hearing loss or have lost hearing completely. The project is lead by MultiversX community member ⚡ REEZY 🦻🏼 whose son, Livio, has hearing loss.

As part of this support initiative, Crypto Mercy and Vendo participated in several meetings with Reezy and a Twitter Space hosted by GRM on March 27th. During the AMA, Crypto Mercy and Vendo expressed their support for the cause and their willingness to assist Reezy in establishing an association that helps families and young children affected by deafness and praised Reezy’s courage.

Listen the AMA : https://twitter.com/TheAquaverse/status/1640413182882725888

We encourage you to visit their Discord to learn more about this worthwhile initiative here: https://t.co/lJm5bua86I.

Team Updates

Goodbye Einy

With heavy hearts, the Team bid farewell to Einy. Einy has been an invaluable part of our community, dedicating his time and expertise as a long-time supporter and core contributor to our project. The team will miss his ability to manage chats and tickets as Lead Moderator, as well as his vast experience with rewards distributions, back-end tech, and the banning of EAPES.

The team would like to wish Einy the best of luck in all of his future endeavors. Thank you for your support and help over the past year.

Welcome on Board

The team also announced the arrival of @GRM_X ⚡ as an external Advisor. Before becoming a key player on MultiversX, GRM worked for years in traditional finance, co-founded one of the 1st regulated crypto companies in France and a multi-channel Web3 gaming platform that notably worked with RTFKT (Nike Inc).

As an Advisor, he will put his expertise in web marketing and communication at the service of the EAPES. Welcome aboard, GRM 🤝

2. Marketing Initiatives

Light Rebranding

The Tribe has spoken! A unanimous decision was made in favor of using EAPES as our new name. Thank you for your participation.

Our Roots

As we embark on our rebranding journey, we made a conscious effort to preserve the visual elements of our original Elrond Apes logo that is synonymous with our brand. We understand the significance of staying true to our roots while evolving with the times. As such, our classic Ape head logo will remain on all of our visuals, website and merchandise.

We are proud of the steps we have taken and look forward to sharing it with our loyal community members who have supported us along the way.

Elevate. Energize. Engage.

As we begin our exciting journey leaving behind Elrond and catapulting into MultiversX, our new and evolving EAPES brand will bring a fresh look that is more inline with our strategic direction while still paying homage to our important roots. The EAPES name is significantly shorter and catchier. It is also more “open”, allowing us to spread our brand more easily, quickly and efficiently.

Engagement: The “E” in EAPES symbolizes our commitment to elevating and energizing the NFT space with the best in blockchain development. EAPES is therefore the acrostic for:

E: Engagement

A: Ambition

P: Passion

E: Empathy

S: Support

The Digital Age: The “E” in EAPES also symbolizes our vision for the future of digital commerce. With EGLD being the digital gold that allows creators, collectors and investors to participate in the crypto ecosystem, EAPES allows us to participate in the NFT revolution. We are more focused than ever on providing innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible in the digital asset space.

Innovation: And lastly, the “E” in EAPES represents our commitment to innovation and empowerment of our community. The future of EAPES will be Multi Cross Chain and with other exciting developments on the horizon, we are excited to continue building the future of NFTs together.

Our light rebranding campaign with the following launches will continue in the coming weeks:

✅ Logo

✅ Brand standards guide

✅ Video reveal

✅ New website

✅ Marketing materials

✅ Clothing line (soft launch)

The Team is also in the process of switching all socials to EAPES as well as securing other online assets for our project.

This is a pivotal moment for EAPES and to make it work, we need you to spread the word!

On social media, let’s align our content with the following hashtags:

Primary (use in all communications): #EAPES #EAPEStrong #EGLD

Secondary (use in longer communications): #letsgobananas #EAPEStogether #MultiversX

3. Development Initiatives

EAPES Islands

The team is deeply exploring the potential of EAPES Islands, and developing such an ambitious project would undoubtedly increase the project’s value and engagement. The possibilities are endless, even in the early concept stage. For instance, we envision 3D EAPES walking on and swimming around the beaches of the islands and even an entire EAPES economy on the islands.

Furthermore, we are looking into the possibility of developing various housing concepts on different EAPES Islands, as you can see below. We will keep you informed.

National Banana Day Special Project

The team has been working on a special project behind the scenes in preparation for National Banana Day on April 19th. We aim to make this day significant for EAPES starting this year and continuing annually in the future. Stay tuned for more information leading up to this big day.

Please note that our National Banana Day initiative is different from our Top Secret Project, but both complement each other. Stay tuned for more details leading up to the big day — trust us, you won’t want to miss this

Top Secret Project

The team has been working diligently on a project that will bring many new possibilities for the tribe. It aligns with our strategic direction to drive value, engagement and community growth and represents a significant step towards our future. This highly classified project will become a significant milestone in EAPES history. #letsgobananas

4. Partnerships and Collaborations

Cyberpunk City — Twitter Spaces

Our very own Hitchy from the EAPES Team led the Cyberpunk City Twitter Spaces last Friday. This was a great opportunity to share details about our partnership as well as learn more about the Cyberpunk City project. The Spaces was well attended and the host GRM did a good job asking important questions and keeping things moving. A lot of information was shared about Cyberpunk and their Citizens and the Team is looking forward to more things to come from the partnership.

Listen the AMA : https://twitter.com/cyberpunkcity/status/1639310647606362134

Cyberpunk City — CYBER Token Distribution

The Team will be distributing 138,000 $CYBER tokens, currently valued at $25,700.00 on April 4th! Please read the important information below in detail.

Who will benefit from these rewards? 100% of it will get distributed to EAPES Stakers.

When will holders get their share of the rewards? On Tuesday April, 4th, you will be able to CLAIM it in the EAPES dApp along with your regular WEGLD staking rewards.

Distribution allocation: $CYBER will be distributed to stakers based on the current ranking pool used for the bi-monthly rewards.

Snapshots have been ongoing since March 7th so all EAPES that have been staked from this date will get 100% of their share.

Is it too late to stake to get $CYBER? No, you can still get a prorated allocation for the remaining days if you stake now. Time is ticking.

Important notes:

Do NOT move your EAPES from any pool in order to keep your share of the rewards. If you unstake your EAPES at any time from March 7th you will not receive any $CYBER unless you re-stake them and they stay staked until after April 4th. In this case you will receive $CYBER only for the period that you re-staked. At the current $CYBER token value, EAPES stakers will be able to claim a total of $25,700.00

What can holders do with these rewards? Sell on xEchange or Stake it in the Cyberpunk City dApp at an attractive APR (56%).

The Citizen NFT Phase 1 mint is SOLD OUT. Phase 2 of mint will start with the Alpha game release on 23–05–23.

Staking: https://dapp.cyberpunkcity.com/

You can also check out $CYBER on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko or e-compass. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/cyberpunk-city/ https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/cyberpunk-city https://e-compass.io/maiars/chart/cyber/usdc

Home X

The Team announced an exciting collaboration with Home X, a new MultiversX NFT project offering an exciting read-to-launch P2E Game, unique artwork and lore. The project has a limited collection of only 3,333 NFTs that will grant holders a membership to an exclusive community of both collectors and creators.

Through this collaboration, Home X is offering a unique opportunity for EAPES stakers to get whitelisted for the upcoming mint in mid to late April. Mint price will be around 1 EGLD per NFT (final mint price to be disclosed).

The Opportunity for EAPES Stakers

EAPES stakers can win these following WL spots:

💪 5 Elder WL spots (only 50 in total)

These coveted Elder WL spots are available to Prime EAPES stakers and will be distributed through EAPES contests and giveaways. This grants you the opportunity to mint 10 NFTs with a guarantee of 1 Elder NFT each (Home X version of a Prime EAPE!!!).

✈️ 50 OG Travelers WL spots

These OG Travelers WL spots are reserved for Prime EAPES stakers. This grants you the opportunity to mint 3 NFTs each.

✈️ 245 First Travelers WL spots

These First Travelers WL spots are available to any Tribe member with staked EAPES. This grants you the opportunity to mint 2 NFTs each.

Please stay tuned for more information on how you can win one of these coveted WL spots!

The Opportunity for Our EAPES Project

Home X has also generously offered 0.15 EGLD from every mint to be put towards the development of EAPE Islands! A total of 499.95 EGLD (based on a sellout of all 3,333 NFTs) will be paid directly to an EAPES development wallet via a smart contract.

The EGLD will be used for the following:

· 90% to the EAPE Islands development wallet

· 10% to the EAPES marketing wallet

In addition, Home X has generously offered each EAPES Team Member an Elder WL spot which will grant each person the opportunity to mint 10 NFTs. It is up to the discretion of each Team Member to decide how the WL spot will be used and/or given away to the Tribe.

Why Isn’t Home X on EAPES Launchpad 2.0?

Firstly, Home X and EAPES is a collaboration and not a Launchpad 2.0 candidate. Home X will have their own platform to mint “The First Travellers” NFT collection. In addition, the Prime Launchpad Committee was confirmed only a week ago and the Launchpad 2.0 platform is not ready yet.

Special thanks to Darksur and Jpeg Jake for making this a reality. Weeks of negotiation and planning resulted in this exciting collaboration that will benefit EAPES holders.

home X Twitter: https://twitter.com/HomeX_NFT

home X Website: https://homex.dev/




EAPES is a collection of 10,000 unique Apes on the MultiversX Blockchain. Original mint was Jan 2022. Join us on Discord (discord.gg/eapes-club) #EAPES