Building on Milestones, Embracing the Future

5 min readSep 1, 2023


Tribe, our Aug NewsLetter is live

We’re thrilled to recap the past month and share exciting updates on what’s just around the corner!

1. Community Initiatives

Banana Brain Benders

We kicked things off with the inaugural EAPESBanana Brain Benders” challenge competition! This exciting contest consists of three consecutive challenges, each presenting a series of riddles designed to lead you to a hidden 4-digit code. Your task is to uncover this code by deciphering visual clues and hidden words, but beware, some clues might be missing. Join the fun and participate in the ongoing Brain Bender, which started on Sunday, August 13th, in the Banana Brain Benders channel:

It’s not too late to jump in!

Each challenge offers a chance to win an Island Relic with Banana Powers 2, 3, and 4. Dive into the challenges and check out the accompanying videos for guidance.

Special Trait Staking Pool

Attention Party Hat EAPES! You’re invited to join the Special Pool for the next two weeks. To do so, simply unstake and re-stake your EAPE with a Party Hat, and it will automatically be placed in the special pool.

For those in the old Special Pool (Striped T-shirt), kindly unstake and re-stake in the normal pool to continue earning staking rewards and banana points. Please note that anyone who has staked in any old Special Trait Pool must follow this process to receive ongoing staking rewards.

2. Development Initiatives

EAPES token

Get a sneak peek into key aspects of the EAPES Token Framework in our latest official video release!

Max Supply: 12 Million

Distribution Period: Over 10 Years

Token Burn: Driven by Utility

Banana Points Halving: Scheduled for October 2023

• Inherent Deflationary Mechanism

Banana Points on KROGAN

Exciting news! The KROGAN team has integrated Banana Points on the EAPES listings in their marketplace. Now before buying your EAPES, you can check the number of Banana Points an EAPE has on both our

dApp and the KROGAN Marketplace

Stay tuned, we are cooking some more stuff with the KROGAN Team!

Island Relics Staking

We’re thrilled to announce that Island Relic Staking is in development, with a demo version currently undergoing testing. Based on our initial assessments, we anticipate the full staking feature to go live in the coming days. More details will follow in an official announcement.

You will soon be able to stake your Island Relics to earn Banana Points daily. This feature will be accessible under the ‘STAKING’ tab in our dApp at

Following the official announcement, two tabs will be available: one for EAPES and another for Island Relics.

Please note that the Island Relics trait “Banana Power” indicates the number of Banana Points you will receive daily until the halving event scheduled for October. Take advantage of this feature to accumulate Banana Points, which can then be used or exchanged for EAPES Tokens.

Lottery Platform

Get ready for some lottery fun! Our Lottery Platform is nearing completion and is now live in a development playground. To ensure a flawless launch, we’re rigorously testing every aspect on our devnet.

We invite you to participate in naming our Lottery Platform on a special Discord channel created for this purpose. Unleash your creativity and join the conversation here:

3. Marketing Initiatives

xDay 2023

The MultiversX xDay event promises to be a major spectacle, with coverage on a large National Romanian channel and 5 pan-European broadcasters. Backed by the support of the Romanian government, this event will not limited to blockchain projects. Expect a diverse range of participants from various industries including the AI field, finance, payment systems, technologies specific to the Metaverse, etc.. We’re exploring the possibility of sharing Turnkey Booth with CyberPunk City. We will keep you updated!

4. Partnerships and Collaborations


Our talented lead for artistic development at Activision, Jimmy, has been hard at work on our 3D EAPES. He’s meticulously crafted a proportions template and introduced a sculpting layer for muscle structure, achieving a level of detail that’s nothing short of breathtaking. The 3D template files have been shared with our partners at CyberPunk City, who are set to create a demo ape body with unprecedented detail. The synergy between our teams has been flawless and we can’t wait to unveil the results!

Stay alert, as we may share some sneak peeks in the next 2 weeks!

Thank you for being a part of our thriving EAPES Tribe. We look forward to an exciting future together!




EAPES is a collection of 10,000 unique Apes on the MultiversX Blockchain. Original mint was Jan 2022. Join us on Discord ( #EAPES