EAPES Token, Banana Points Exchange Program, Lottery Platform and more!

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Dear Tribe,

Welcome back to our Newsletter! It’s been a month since our last update, and we’re excited to present you with the 9th Edition. Our Team has been dedicated to bringing you top-notch experiences to our ecosystem. Let’s explore the exciting initiatives we’ve been working on.


1. Community Initiatives


We are very excited to announce one of the most highly anticipated initiatives by the team. We have been working tirelessly to bring you an incredible experience when it comes to this subject. Our Tokenomics and all the other details will be released in the coming months.

We invite you to read our announcement about it. Just click the link -> https://discord.com/channels/901163627833348156/901966136860614676/1123644497872560260

Banana Points Program

The first Banana Points were distributed to staked EAPES on April 18th, 2023, a day ahead of the launch. Staked EAPES earn Banana Points daily.

Once the EAPES Token is launched, we will introduce the Banana Points Exchange Program (BPEP) which will give you the opportunity to exchange your hard-earned Banana Points for EAPES Tokens. This exchange option opens up a world of opportunities, enabling you to earn even greater rewards and fully leverage the potential of our ecosystem. EAPES Tokens will be a valuable resource for future endeavors that include the acquisition of homes, land and other assets within the vibrant world of EAPES Islands. More details will follow in the coming months.

Important notes: Banana Points extraction will be available soon! Golden tip, accumulate your Bananas!

Lottery Platform

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our Lottery Platform in September 2023. Prepare yourself to win amazing prizes through our dynamic lotteries and find out if you possess the luckiest bananas!

Hoard your bananas!

Island Relics

The last Island Relics airdrop took place on June 19! The Platinum Earrings were awarded EAPES Whales with 25–39 non-Prime EAPES staked in the same wallet. In addition, Prime EAPE holders who were eligible for either the Platinum Banana OR Platinum Earring drops (but not both) also received their Island Relics. Congrats to all Tribe members who received these airdrops!

Notes: The remaining Island Relics will be used for raffles and contests. Nearly 40% of all Island Relics remain in the Team wallet.

Island Relics (RELICS-022f23) is a complimentary NFT collection that serves as the entry ticket to Club Banana on Banana Boat, the first initiative of EAPES Islands. It includes 5 types of NFTs: Golden Bananas (Statues & Earrings), Armored Banana, Platinum Bananas, Platinum Earrings, and Ape Necklaces. There are a total of 350 unique NFTs in terms of artwork, rank, and traits.

Special Trait Staking Pool

The Special Trait Pool for this month was the Space Suit (May 30 — June 12) followed by Lightning Necklace (June 13 — June 26).

The current Special Trait is: MetaScreen Love (June 27 — July 11).

Important Reminder: anyone who has staked in any old Special Trait Pool must unstake and restake their EAPES in order to continue receiving staking rewards. EAPES staked in old Special Trait Pools no longer receive WEGLD rewards!

2. Marketing Initiatives


We introduce our EAPES Community Style Guide that outlines our brand guidelines including colors, logos, type font and sizes, visual identity and examples. Our collective commitment to these simple rules will help solidify and grow our brand with a unified image and voice.

Please visit our brand-new Brand Guidelines Discord channel. Just click the link -> https://discordapp.com/channels/901163627833348156/1115651076671160351

You’ll find a link to download our Community Style Guide, fonts, logos and APE symbols.

We’re excited about our rebrand. How about you? Show us your support and enthusiasm by posting about EAPES on your social media accounts!

Merch Store

We would like to inform you that there will be a slight delay in the launch of our EAPES Merch Store as we are in the process of completing our full branding guide. We expect to be finalize it within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, we are excited to announce that we will be offering the community a selection of shoe/espadrille designs.

The store is currently under construction, and a few clothing items will be available very soon.

Stay tuned for updates on the official launch of our Merch Store!

Cross Chain Poker Tournament

At EAPES, we firmly believe that the future of blockchain lies in Multichain and on June 11th we hosted our first Cross Chain Poker Tournament.

The tournament maxed out at 300 participants from EAPE, Clay Nation (Cardano), Mad V-Apes (VeChain) and Drill Club (Polygon) communities. The tournament lasted about 3 hours and a total of $800 USD was awarded to the top 8 finalist.

Our very own Hitchy finished in 3rd place!

Cosmic Contest

Playing on the Space Suit special trait pool this month, we held a contest for holders to unleash their creativity and write a story about their EAPES in a space adventure! Of 14 entries, the top 5 were selected by the Team and the Tribe voted for the top 3 entries!

Cosmic Contest Winners:

@X Mimi (27 votes) wins an Ape Necklace Island Relic NFT
@bnistor4 | MultiversX_ITA (25 votes) wins an Ape Necklace Island Relic NFT
@Andy (18 votes) wins an EAPES Hat

Thank you to all participants and voters who explored the cosmos with us!

3. Development Initiatives


We’re thrilled to announce that our dApp has undergone a major upgrade to the latest MultiversX dApp-core version. This marks a significant milestone for EAPES.

Check it out at: https://app.eapes.com/

Experience Enhanced Speed

With this update, we’ve transitioned to React 18, harnessing the latest technological advancements for a smoother and more efficient user experience. Our core framework has been upgraded to the most recent version of multiversx/sdk-dapp, offering even more robust features and optimized performance.

These updates reflect our unwavering commitment to innovation and delivering the best possible experience to our users while staying at the forefront of MultiversX advancements.

We’re now ready to apply for xPortal integration.


The Committee is actively involved in developing the risk assessment form for Launchpad applications. The form is now complete and will be made available online, enabling projects to apply. However, the rewriting of our dApp has caused a delay in the Launchpad release, which has somewhat affected our momentum. Nevertheless, this situation presents an opportunity for better preparation for the future.

EAPES Islands

We are currently in the deep concept phase and in the process of finalizing the complete story for our first EAPES Island. Soon, we will unveil the various regions, their unique attributes, activities, attractions, property types, resources, and businesses that you can explore and engage with.

We will also seek your feedback on the design, allowing you to share your preferences. This will be an exciting journey for all of us and as we progress, we will ask the Tribe for even more involvement in regards to the direction of EAPES Islands.

Below we can give you a little taste of what’s to come..

4. Partnerships and Collaborations

Home X

The launch of Home X was a success. All the efforts and dedication of both teams resulted in a relatively quick sellout.

CyberPunk City

The Alpha launch was a significant achievement for the CPC team and highly anticipated by the CPC community. The EAPES team was thrilled to see what the impressive CPC team had developed in such a short timeframe.

The plan is to keep the Alpha version available for a couple of weeks (the specific closing date is yet to be determined), as it is a demo that can only be played or tested with a CITIZEN NFT.

The closed Alpha has 2 main objectives:

Bug fixing: Alpha releases are bound to have bugs and issues. By having a limited time frame, the team can gather valuable feedback and address any bugs or problems before the beta release. This approach allows the team to take a more professional approach, similar to what AAA companies do.

Providing a first glimpse into the CPC team’s vision for the Metaverse.

Here are some of the accomplishments the CPC team have achieved so far:

Character designs
Clothing designs
Game development
City design
City game assets
Harlan Car Collection (under development)
Locomotion system
Wallet Connect implementation (First integration for Unreal Engine)
UI/UX design for the game (under development)
Web design
Smart contract development
Cyberpunk Stake
xExchange listing
Partnerships with Proteo, Hatom, EAPES, and more
Listings on Coingecko & Coinmarketcap
Game Launcher (under development)
Text and Voice Chat development

We are very excited to keep monitoring what our partners are building, the future looks bright.

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EAPES is a collection of 10,000 unique Apes on the MultiversX Blockchain. Original mint was Jan 2022. Join us on Discord (discord.gg/eapes-club) #EAPES