Optimizing Rewards, Staking Strategies and Exciting Initiatives

9 min readMay 25, 2023


Dear Tribe,

Welcome to the 8th edition of our EAPES Update Newsletter! Over the past two weeks, we have been working diligently to improve the rewards and benefits for our community members. The EAPES Team has been actively involved in developing new concepts to engage and incentivize. Join us as we explore the latest updates and initiatives!

1. Community Initiatives

Staking Optimization Proposal

We undertook an extensive analysis to determine ways to optimize the amount of bi-weekly rewards paid out to Tribe members who stake their EAPES. The result was a 4-step action plan. This proposal was voted on and unanimously approved by the Prime members.

Here is our strategy:

1 — Utilize the 32,318 USDC balance in the Charity Wallet by staking it with XOXNO. By doing this, we estimate to generate an additional 5.24 $EGLD per month at an approximate 8.46% Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

2 — Stake the existing balance of 870 $EGLD in the Charity Wallet and distribute an additional 5.40 $EGLD per month at an approximate 8% Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

3 — Redirect the amount traditionally allocated to the Charity Wallet to the Tribe distribution. This amount varies based on trading volume, but currently stands at approximately 8.00 $EGLD per distribution (every 2 weeks) or 16 $EGLD per month.

Please note that the Team will only reallocate these rewards until the $EGLD price reaches a certain level or until new incentives can replace this distributed amount.

4 — From $CYBER rewards received from the 2,500 $EGLD staked with Cyber Punk Stake, approximately 10,000 $CYBER tokens will be distributed every month until September (as $CYBER tokens). CYBER is now visible in the dApp see further details below. As a result, the redistribution value will experience a significant increase of approximately 54 $EGLD in value. This EGLD value will fluctuate based on the price of $CYBER during each distribution.

Therefore, the one-time $CYBER distribution planned for late Summer will no longer occur. We want the Tribe to benefit from these monthly $CYBER rewards immediately.

By implementing these 4 steps and the addition of the new pro-rated rewards distribution mechanism (discussed below), we are confident that this will provide Tribe members with substantially higher rewards. Furthermore, we are actively evaluating additional strategies to further boost these rewards and provide even greater benefits to the entire community.

Upgraded Rewards Distribution

Commencing May 17th, the following changes were made to the WEGLD staking rewards in order to place higher importance to the duration in which an EAPE is staked during the 2-week period. The new mechanism will give greater rewards to long-term loyal stakers while at the same time preventing last minute stakers from taking equal share of WEGLD rewards. Therefore, the longer you stake, the more WEGLD you will receive.

• If you stake for the entire duration of the 2 weeks, you will earn 100% of your WEGLD rewards.

• If you stake between 75% — 99% of the 2-week period (min 10.5 consecutive days), you will earn 60% of the WEGLD rewards.

• If you stake between 50% — 74% of the 2-week period (min 7 consecutive days), you will earn 30% of the WEGLD rewards.

· If you stake between 20% — 49% of the 2-week period (min 2.8 consecutive days), you will earn 10% of the WEGLD rewards.


1. Special Pool Restaking — During the Special Pool trait change (every 2 weeks), you will have 24 hours to unstake your EAPE and move to or from the Special Pools. After the 24-hour period the pro-rated rewards timeline is activated.

2. Unstaking or Changing Pools — Only EAPES staked at the time of the distribution will receive their earnings. If you unstake or move your EAPE from one pool to another (other than the Special Pool as outlined above) prior to the distribution even if it’s for 1 minute, you will lose your staking progression and the timer will restart at 0 for that EAPE.

3. Compounding the Rewards — The portion of the WEGLD rewards that are not distributed due to this new rewards mechanism will be transferred to the next distribution. Therefore, each subsequent distribution has a chance to get bigger and bigger.

4. Rewards Expiration and Redistribution — To encourage more active participation from stakers and redistribute unclaimed rewards to those who remain committed to staking, we are making a change to ask Tribe members to claim at least once every 4 distributions (or 8 weeks). All WEGLD that is not claimed through the dApp within this period of time will go back to the royalties wallet and be used to reward stakers in the next distribution.

This new reward distribution schedule will be reflected starting with the May 30 distribution.

Island Relics — Platinum Island Relics Airdrop

We are excited to announce that 11 wallets qualified for the Platinum Bananas Island Relics airdrop! There were 3 wallets that staked >80 non-Prime EAPES (and were not registered on our Community Map)!

Eligible stakers received their airdrop on May 19th, 2023.

Please note that the Platinum Earrings airdrop for EAPES Whales who stake 25 to 39 non-Prime EAPES (from the same wallet) in the dApp prior to the snapshot on June 18th at 19:00 UTC. They will be airdropped on June 19th, 2023.

As a reminder, listed or banned EAPES are not eligible for this reward. In addition, EAPES that are held in wallets and not staked will not be eligible either.

Any unclaimed Island Relics will remain property of the EAPES Team. These will be used in giveaways and auctions at a later date.

Stay tuned for more information about our Island Relic giveaways and lotteries.

In the meantime, the airdropped Relics can be purchased and swapped on official marketplaces including:

· Island Relics Collection on XOXNO

· Island Relics Collection on FrameIt

· Island Relics Collection on Krogan Swap

Special Trait Staking Pool

Please remember that the Special Pool for staking rewards between May 16th — May 30th is Mustache. If you have a Mustache EAPE, you will need to unstake and restake to the Special Pool.

Important Reminder: anyone who has staked in any old Special Trait Pool must unstake and restake their EAPES in order to continue receiving staking rewards. EAPES staked in old Special Trait Pools no longer receive WEGLD rewards!

2. Marketing Initiatives

Twitter Spaces

JPEG Jake” and “Crypto Mercy” from our EAPES team, participated in a Twitter Space event on May 21st, “Multi Chain Gang — Floor Price” hosted by TAXI and GRMx. The title of the event was ‘Floor Price NFT’, which focused on community building. Various projects from different chains were present, such as Brozo, The Ducks, Ugly Bros, Polygon Punks and several others.

More than 172 people tuned in. If you missed it, here’s your chance to catch up, click here.

Cross Chain Poker Tournament

We are thrilled to announce that we are in the process of organizing a Cross Chain Poker Tournament in collaboration with projects from the Cardano, Polygon, and VeChain blockchains.

This groundbreaking event will bring together the best of these blockchain ecosystems for an exhilarating poker showdown. Get ready to witness a convergence of cutting-edge technologies and vibrant communities as players compete for glory and exciting rewards.

Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil more details about this Tournament in the near future. Excitement is building, and we can’t wait to share this incredible event with you!

3. Development Initiatives

Banana Points Program

Staked EAPES are accumulating Banana Points in our dApp, which can be used in various ways. The Banana Points extraction tool is already deployed, however, the extraction buttons will remain hidden until an important and exciting announcement regarding a complimentary initiative is made.

Exciting things are on the horizon, so if we have one piece of advice to give you, it’s to keep accumulating your Banana Points.

Cyber Token Display

We have successfully integrated the Cyber Token Display into our dApp, accessible through the NFT Staking tab. Here, you will find a clear overview of your total earnings. This functionality enables users to easily track and monitor their accumulated rewards as they are received.

EAPES website

We are dedicated to creating an exceptional user experience that goes beyond aesthetics. Our team is hard at work, meticulously crafting innovative graphic designs that will not only enhance the visual presentation but also ensure a highly effective and engaging experience for our visitors.

From sleek and modern interfaces to intuitive navigation, we are committed to delivering a website that captivates and delights. Stay tuned as we unveil our exciting updates and witness the transformation firsthand.

4. Partnerships and Collaborations

Home X

We are thrilled to announce the kickoff of our highly anticipated WL allocation process for Home X. As many of you are already aware, Home X is gearing up for the grand launch of its mint. Brace yourselves for an exclusive opportunity! As part of this exhilarating journey, you will receive a special invitation to complete a quick and easy form during the whitelist allocation process. Get ready to secure your spot and join us on this incredible adventure!

Here is the Home X Launch Timeline:

  • May 29th, 11:00 UTC: DAO Voting
  • May 29th, 11:00 UTC: Registration & KYC begins
  • June 1st and 2nd, Home X Game Beta Test
  • June 7th, 23:59 UTC: Registration & KYC ends
  • June 8th: KYC Processing (All day)
  • June 9th, 16:00 UTC | Round 1: Mint NFTs Round 1 (Whitelist Only) -
  • June 9th, 16:30 UTC (Right after Round 1) | Round 2: Mint NFTs Round 2 (BHero Locking System)

Attention to all Tribe members who want to participate in the Home X Beta Test (June 1st — 2nd). You must join the Home X Discord, get verified and submit your wallet ERD before May 31st. Use the links below.

-HOME X submit-wallet ⁠Home X⁠🧪│HOME X beta-test

Please be aware that the BHERO platform requires that all minters pass KYC PRIOR to the mint. More information on the KYC, mint, and timelines can be found here.

Cyberpunk City

Get ready for an electrifying experience! Alpha is just around the corner, and it’s time to dive headfirst into the captivating world of Cyberpunk City Metaverse. Prepare to be blown away as you join them on this thrilling journey, becoming an integral part of the vibrant CC community.

Brace yourself for an unparalleled adventure unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Cyberpunk City stands tall as one of the pioneers, being among the world’s first fully operational metaverses built on the groundbreaking Unreal Engine 5.

Get set to immerse yourself in a realm where cyberpunk dreams come to life!

Important Dates💥

🗓 MAY 30
· dApp v2 goes live
· CyberCase opening
· CitizenNFT mint phase 2

🗓 JUNE 6

Link to the Tweet

Please note that the EAPES Team will be publishing a monthly newsletter moving forward. The newsletters will be published on the last Thursday of every month, starting on Thursday, June 29th.




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