Stake Smart, Earn More — Unleashing the Power of Bananas

10 min readMay 11, 2023


Hi Tribe,

Welcome to the 7th edition of our EAPES Update Newsletter. In this roundup, we will cover various exciting initiatives. The EAPES team is working hard to offer exciting utility for Banana points, through which you will find fun, value, privileges, and there are several surprises coming up. So let’s go bananas and dive into the latest news!

1. Community Initiatives

Banana Points Program

EAPES holders who are staking their EAPES are already starting to accumulate Banana points. Everyone can now track their accumulated Banana Points per EAPE within the dApp under the Explorer Tab.

Several surprises are coming and you don’t want to miss them.


The Ultimate Whale Collecting Contest

We are excited to announce the April winners.

The 3 categories include:

👑King Louie — The highest total EGLD spent in 1 month

🦍Ape Collector — The highest number of EAPES bought

🍌Big Banana — The monthly ATH single purchase

🥁 And the winners are…

@Ekzz congratulations you have won the King Louie title for your outstanding support of 200.6 EGLD spent adding to your Tribe in April. Truly outstanding! 👑

@Jpeg Jake× | EAPE congratulations you have won the Ape Collector title with…get ready for it…a whopping 21 EAPES purchased! 🦍

@Vendo congratulations you have won the Big Banana title with an impressive 155 EGLD purchase!🍌

All winners will have their roles until the end of the May in addition to receiving special edition merch.

In addition, we have a tie for the Ape Collector 2nd place winners. This category was added this month only from @hattrick77’s generous donation of his Ape Collector merch win in March. @Darksur and @ekzz with 11 purchases each in the month of April, congratulations you each win the 2nd place spot and will receive special merch for your wins! 🦍🦍

Please Note: At this time we are suspending the Ultimate Whale Collecting Contest until further notice. The team is shifting their focus to providing additional opportunities to win merch and adding more utility through the Banana Points system. More details on that coming soon.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who participated in this contest over the past 3 months. Your efforts, support, and dedication have made this competition a huge success!

Once again, congratulations to the winners!🎉

Banana Sessions

Our second #BananaSessions with @DJ vAPED× was held on Saturday, April 29th at 21:00 UTC. vAPED put on a 4-hour marathon session for Tribe members. The beats were pumping and the chat was certainly entertaining.

Congratulations to the following participants:

@JohnnyHundo, @Fluxylynxx, @Cezardb and @claudoproiu:

They were the lucky winners of 100 USDC each.

This latest session can be viewed on Youtube

Island Relics

We are just over a week away from the second airdrop of the Island Relics collection. This drop will be for any EAPES Whale who stakes (from the same wallet) 40 or more non-Prime EAPES in the dApp prior to the snapshot on May 18th at 19:00pm UTC. They will receive Platinum Bananas which will be airdropped starting May 19th, 2023.

The “Island Relics” (RELICS-022f23) is your golden ticket to Club Banana on Banana Boat, the first initiative for EAPES Islands.

Club Banana is a place where EAPES holders can elevate, energize and engage through live DJ events, parties, secret missions and immersive quests. It’s a community building initiative that rewards participants with amazing giveaways and prizes. Participate in The Lost Treasure of Blackbeard’s Revenge or the Island of Terror as a team to unlock more treasures and to experience the initial concept of what EAPES Islands may become.

The Golden Relics (Statues and Earrings) were airdropped to eligible Prime EAPE stakers on National Banana Day. Each staked Prime received one Golden Relic.

The Island Relics collection also includes Platinum Earrings which will be airdropped to EAPES Whales who staked (from the same wallet) 25–39 non-Prime EAPES prior to a snapshot in mid June.

Lastly, there are 50 Ape Necklaces up for grabs through giveaways, contests and auctions! Stay tuned for how you can qualify for these upcoming airdrops and giveaways.

In the meantime, the Golden Bananas can be purchased and swapped on official marketplaces including:

· Island Relics Collection on XOXNO

· Island Relics Collection on FrameIt

· Island Relics Collection on Krogan Swap

We have great plans for the future of Club Banana and will host special events regularly. Stay tuned as we are looking to announce our first initiative in June!

Staking Update — WEGLD Rewards

The Team announced a slight change to the WEGLD staking rewards by placing higher importance to the duration in which an EAPE is staked during the 2-week period. The new mechanism will give greater rewards to long-term loyal stakers while at the same time preventing last minute stakers from taking more from the rewards pool by receiving the full WEGLD rewards. Therefore, the longer you stake, the more WEGLD you will receive.

Effective starting May 17:

• If you stake for the entire duration of the 2 weeks, you will earn 100% of your WEGLD rewards.

• If you stake between 75% — 99% of the 2-week period (min 10.5 consecutive days), you will earn 60% of the WEGLD rewards.

• If you stake between 50% — 74% of the 2-week period (min 7 consecutive days), you will earn 30% of the WEGLD rewards.

  • If you stake between 20% — 49% of the 2-week period (min 2.8 consecutive days), you will earn 10% of the WEGLD rewards.


1. Special Pool Restaking — During the Special Pool trait change (every 2 weeks), you will have 24 hours to unstake your EAPE and move to or from the Special Pools. After the 24 hour period the pro-rated rewards timeline is activated.

2. Unstaking or Changing Pools — Only EAPES staked at the time of the distribution will receive their earnings. If you unstake or move your EAPE from one pool to another (other than the Special Pool as outlined above) prior to the distribution even if it’s for 1 minute, you will lose your staking progression and the timer will restart at 0 for that EAPE.

3. Compounding the Rewards — The portion of the WEGLD rewards that are not distributed due to this new rewards mechanism will be transferred to the next distribution. Therefore, each subsequent distribution has a chance to get bigger and bigger.

4. Rewards Expiration and Redistribution — To encourage more active participation from stakers and redistribute unclaimed rewards to those who remain committed to staking, we are making a change to ask Tribe members to claim at least once every 4 distributions (or 8 weeks). All WEGLD that is not claimed through the dApp within this period of time will go back to the royalties wallet and be used to reward stakers in the next distribution.

This new reward distribution schedule will go into effect on May 17 will be reflected starting with the May 30 distribution.

Special Trait Staking Pool

Please remember that the Special Pool for staking rewards between May 2nd — May 16th is Red Dad Hat. If you have a Red Dad Hat EAPE, you will need to unstake and restake to the Special Pool.

Important Reminder: anyone who has staked in any old Special Trait Pool must unstake and restake their EAPES in order to continue receiving staking rewards. EAPES staked in old Special Trait Pools no longer receive WEGLD rewards!

2. Marketing Initiatives

Twitter Spaces

JPEG Jake”, from our EAPES team, participated in a Twitter Space event on May 7th, “Multi Chain Gang” hosted by with TAXI and GRMx. The title of the event was ‘Create, Federate & Engage a Web3 Community’, which focused on community building. Various projects from different chains were present, such as Brozo, URBS, Drill Club, Polygon Monkeys, Lost Toys NFT, and several others.

More than 330 persons tuned in. If you missed it, here’s your chance to catch up, click here.

Crypto Mercy”, our CEO, participated in a Twitter Space event on May 1st “OG Roundtable” with Sabin — CEO of Stramosi. Several topics were discussed regarding the developments and vision of the two projects.

More than 360 persons tuned in. If you missed it, here’s your chance to catch up, click here.

Brand Guidelines

We are currently preparing an EAPES Brand Guidelines that will be available to anyone who wishes to download it or use our logos. We will announce it when it’s ready.

3. Development Initiatives

Banana Points

Our developers have recently developed a functionality that enables the extraction of Banana Points from each EAPE, along with the necessary mechanics to effectively utilize these points. This effort is aimed at providing EAPE Holders with the flexibility to use the points in a way that best aligns with the initiatives we will be implementing. We are excited about the potential impact these points can have and look forward to implement this new functionnality soon.

EAPES on xPORTAL soon!

We are excited to announce that our development team is working on upgrading our dApp to meet the requirements for EAPES entry on xPORTAL. This will provide our Tribe with easier access to our platform.

Upgrading to the latest version of the dApp core and MultiversX package will ensure that our platform is fully optimized for the xPORTAL environment, resulting in a more seamless user experience and increased security. It will also greatly enhance our ability to provide the best possible experience for our community.

In addition, our entry on xPORTAL will allow us to showcase our platform to a much wider audience, increase exposure within the MultiversX community and beyond as well as expand our community. We invite you to stay tuned for more updates from the EAPES Team.

EAPES Islands — New Horizons

We are currently in the DEEP Concept phase, and we are excited about the vast range of opportunities that the EAPES Islands present. By implementing a functional economy and an integrated marketplace, players can buy in-game items, trade goods and services with other players, and even earn money through jobs.

We have explored the possibility of adding a casino to the game, which would allow players to interact and play a variety of games, including roulette, blackjack, slot machines, and poker tournaments.

We have discussed organizing tournaments and sports competitions for players with enticing prizes to be won. Overall, we are eager to explore all of the potential that EAPES Islands have to offer.

As part of our self-financing strategy, we are exploring several monetization options such as offering lands, housing, vehicles, organizing events, establishing partnerships and collaborations, and even the possibility of releasing our EAPES token in the next months.

In the coming weeks, we will delve into various topics, including sustainable revenue streams by implementing a self-financing strategy, the EAPES Islands economy and marketplace, building a thriving and engaged community through social interaction and participation strategies and tools, development plan, and progress monitoring. Additionally, we will discuss the marketing of the metaverse to maximize its potential reach.

4. Partnerships and Collaborations


HomeX is bringing an entirely new and innovative initiative with “Test & Earn.” It’s something that hasn’t been done within the MVX Ecosystem and we’re thrilled to see it roll out.


Start of Event: June 1st

Everyone that has submitted their wallets until the end of May (right before Mint), will be able to access our Game Platform on Devnet (starting June 1st) and play to earn WL/OG spots, bigger Mint allocations, in-game resources and even some ELDERS spots !!!

Wallet Addresses DEADLINE: end of May

It will be open for all, so invite everyone you know and tell them to sign up! (drop your ERD in 📥│submit-wallet)
We deliver before Mint and we are here to build!

These upcoming days, we’ll provide more information on the Beta Test game rules, how to win rewards and what you all have been waiting for — MINT DETAILS — coming soon!

Cyberpunk City

The positive momentum in the $CYBER token value is one of the bright spots in this bear market. EAPES distributed CYBER rewards on April 4th when the token value was $0.18. At the moment, it is trading at $0.23, up nearly 28% over the past 3 weeks alone (

For EAPE holders who staked their $CYBER rewards in the Cyberpunk City dApp, congratulations on taking advantage of the token appreciation as well as the high APY!

For stakers who have not yet claimed their $CYBER rewards, please connect to the staking dApp and claim them as soon as possible. These original $CYBER rewards will only be claimable until May 23rd (8 weeks after the initial distribution). Please note that after May 23rd, the SC will retrieve the remaining $CYBER tokens as these wallets will be considered dormant.

There are several possible options for these retrieved $CYBER tokens that include:

1. Distribute to EAPE stakers at the end of June. The amount of $CYBER tokens you will receive will depend on how long you’ve staked during the month of June.

2. Reward the community for raid initiatives, contests, Banana Point lotteries etc

3. Add it to the growing $CYBER token pool that we continue to receive as a benefit to staking a portion of our DAO wallet with the CPC staking provider

4. A mix of the above options

Please stay tuned for more details.




EAPES is a collection of 10,000 unique Apes on the MultiversX Blockchain. Original mint was Jan 2022. Join us on Discord ( #EAPES